Moving to a new home or apartment in the same city or the same state is hard enough. Moving to a new home out of state requires much planning and organization. While no one enjoys the work involved in the moving process, the journey is exciting, nonetheless. You are smiling and groaning at the same time, aren’t you? Here are some tips from us at Crofter Moving to help you with your out of state move.

First, are you familiar with your new home state? This is going to be a big cultural change for you. Finding out as much as you can know ahead of time is not only going to help you, but it’s going to be fun. You’re not just looking at culture and entertainment; however, as you want to be thinking about taxes, weather, schools, etc. This move is going to work out great, but it’s time to get prepared.

While you will likely be moving most of your belongings, there is a task at hand that needs to be addressed. How many months or years has it been since you have purged your home? What are stacked up in the garage, utility room, attic, etc.? What is stuffed in drawers that you could do without? Consider trashing and donating certain items, and also, you might want to host a yard sale to help you pay for this move.

Taking some of the cost off the top of your move by having a yard sale would be a cool idea. Next, if you can handle gathering boxes and packing items yourself, you can save a lot off the top of hiring a moving company. You do want to hire movers. If you decide not to use a moving company, you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. You would be solely responsible for the transport of your belongings, and there is much heavy lifting that is going to be involved.

If you plan on taking all of that furniture and the appliances, you might want to be sure you’re considering closely whether hiring a moving company would be financially feasible. Most people moving out of state choose to do so because by moving yourself, you don’t save that much money. A move that is shorter distance might net you savings, but long-distance moves are expensive no matter what way you look at things.

Remember to forward your mail and provide your new address directly to certain businesses and organizations. You want to make sure you’re going to receive all your mail and correspondence. Tell your friends well ahead of time that you are moving so that you can get together and say your proper goodbyes and well wishes. You might even consider throwing a going-away party so that you can celebrate the move and get to see everyone before you go.

Coordinating this move is indeed the most crucial thing. You want your belongings to show up to your new home at the right time. Do you have to close on the sale of your old home and the purchase of your new home? It’s difficult to have too much control over that situation, but you want to try and work out your financial situation regarding both properties as smoothly as possible before moving.

Maybe you’re going to retain the other property and rent it out for a while. Regardless, you want a plan ironed out so that you are financially comfortable when you show up at your new home. You want time to settle into your new surroundings, too. Are you going to be heading off to work as soon as you get there, or do you have some time off?

What you do can depend on the time of year, dependents, and more. Perhaps you have kids, and they are heading right to school upon arrival. Either way, you have plenty on your hands and many things to think about as you schedule this move. The more duties you can dish off to a moving company, the better. Don’t forget the utilities, and after all, is said and done, have a great time moving into your new home. Living in a new state is going to be a blast, too.

Published by Dolores Weaver

Hi, my name is Dolores Weaver. I'm a professional mover based in USA. I've been in the moving industry since more than a decade.