Moving long distances can be one of the most exciting experiences in our lives. The knowledge that you will soon have the opportunity to meet new people and see new sites is one that many people find thrilling. However, moving homes can also be a tremendously stressful experience. It has been identified as a life event that is in the top ten of highly stressful undertakings.

Planning a Long Distance Out of State Move

The key to a successful and stress-free out of state relocation is planning. Here are some hints and tips that can make moving a pleasure rather than a pain. It may seem like there are a million details to sort out before you make that move – but the sooner you begin the planning process, the fewer worries you are likely to have when the big day does arrive. The best approach is to develop a spreadsheet with a timeline so that you can tick off items as they become urgent. This way of doing things will allow you to avoid those sleepless nights of worry that can make moving a long distance so intimidating.

Follow a Strict Schedule

That spreadsheet is your secret weapon when it comes to providing peace of mind. However, if you let tasks slide, they will pile up – and then it’s welcome to those sleepless nights again. Stick to the schedule that you have drawn up. Certain tasks such as enrollment at an educational institution or arranging for utility bills to arrive at the right address are time-sensitive, and hence planning is crucial.

Hiring a Moving Company

Of course, the entire moving experience will be less stressful if you select the correct moving company. The first step is to get comparative estimates. This eases the financial burden of the move. A bare minimum of three estimates will give you a good idea of the costs involved. Ideally, sourcing the estimates should be a process that starts at least a month before the move. Makes sure you compare the services offered by the various out of state moving companies before stepping into a long distance relocation. Equally as important is the fact that the company should have an excellent reputation when it comes to the levels of professionalism they display. Ask questions about timing, delivery, insurance, and the other issues that need to be dealt with and agreed upon. Ask around – ask coworkers or family if they have experienced truly exceptional service from a moving company. Once again, the peace of mind of knowing with rock-solid certainty that you are dealing with a reputable company provides peace of mind.

Remember that the cheapest does not always equal the best. It may be a better approach to spend a little extra for that assurance that the out of state mover you will be selecting offers that friendly, approachable, and professional service. This is especially important when moving long distances. You do not want any nasty surprises during your move – especially when it comes to both delivery and cost.

Make Sure You Have All Documents at Place

Another important part of the planning process is to pay attention to your documentation. If you are moving long-distance documentation such as driver licenses – and vehicle registration may need to be updated. Keep documents in a safe and secure space so that you have them at hand. Do not let the documentation side of things fall by the wayside due to a lack of time or planning. It is one thing that many professional out of state moving companies will tell you – and it is a mistake that is surprisingly common. On the subject of documentation, make sure that you have moving insurance. It may be prudent to schedule a meeting with the insurance provider so that you have a clear idea of what is not covered in terms of your agreement with the service provider. This is especially important when you will be transporting valuable or delicate items – and this would include electronic equipment. Make sure that you have a full list of the items to be transported before packing. Things do get misplaced and damaged. Make sure that your movers are satisfied with the state of the items being transported. Once the process of delivery is over, it can be a chore to have things repaired or replaced due to damage in transit.

Planning a long distance move should ensure that your relocation is trouble-free. This can help you to relax in eager anticipation of your new home and environment.

Published by Dolores Weaver

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